[VIP 3] Qual é a forma #1 para Alavancar o seu Negócio Digital?

Product Creation

What is a product funnel?

  • Create 2-4 products
  • The funnel starts with a low-ticket (inexpensive) offer, which I call a qualifier.
  • Immediately after purchase, your customer is exposed to offer #2, which they can buy with 1 click (also known as a 1-click upsell).
  • The customer should continue through your funnel this way, buying each product as they go.

The ultimate funnel blueprint

  • Lead Winner (optin)
  • Low ticket offer (qualifier)
  • Main offer
  • Upsell 1
  • Upsell 2
  • Confirmation

Continuity: The “forgotten” holy grail

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